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Tools for excellence, for aquariums and zoos.

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This web site is hosted by Tracks® Software.

Meeting the complex data management needs of aquariums and zoos was the driving force behind the Tracks Software project more than 17 years ago. That's still the reason a growing number of institutions use this powerful application to help them provide the best in animal care, as well as make the most of staff resources.

No other application can match the comprehensive features available to aquarium and zoo staff when they need them most: right now.

The program's flexibility and accessibility at the individual level cultivates multiple uses, by all kinds of users: medical staff, curators, registrars, keepers, researchers, aquarists, lab technicians and more.

Tracks® Software is a joint project between the Denver Zoological Foundation, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and Zier Niemann Consulting, based in Salida, Colorado.

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Integrated Features

  • Animal Health
  • Animal Groups Management
  • Collection Planning
  • Diet, Feeding, Nutrition
  • Eggs
  • Enclosure Management
  • Enrichment
  • Husbandry
  • Inventory
  • Lab Tests
  • Media Attachments
  • Mobile
  • Pocket Tracks Mobile App
  • Program Animal Scheduling
  • Real-Time Guest Engagement Features
  • Rescue and Research
  • Water Quality

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